Estate & Moving Sales

Our sales are usually packed with antiques, collectables, household items, furniture, jewelry, tool, appliances, clothing, toys, outdoor items (i.e. concrete, patio sets) glassware, fine china, sterling and sometimes just that missing piece of old Tupperware! Many of our sales include automobiles, trucks, SUVs, RVs, boats and farm equipment!

With over 35 years of experience in the business, Michael Taylor leads a company specialized in liquidation services. Below are the services we provide. See for yourself why we're the right partner for your sale. View Our Estate Sales Calendar

Complete Liquidation:
At any given sale, generally 80-90% of the items in the sale will be sold. Any remaining items can be packed up for local charity for tax deductions, or a removal service can be contacted on your behalf, or if you choose we can showcase your items at a future sale.

Total Clean Out for a Fee:
After the completion of the sale, for an additional fee, we will provide you with total clean out services and leave your location broom swept and ready to go.

No Upfront Costs:
Provide clients with a written contract defining all terms and conditions of the sale. NO hidden or upfront costs ever!

Complete Service:
We are a complete service - we accept all items in the estate for sale. For items that are not within our expertise, we will confer with our consultants about pricing these items. However, if you have any input regarding the value of any item, it is always seriously considered.

Wrapping & Receipts:
Providing bags, boxes, and wrapping paper for a sale. We also provide sales receipts to buyers requesting them.

Door to Door Delivery:
Delivery service to our buyers for a fee. That fee is paid by the customer at the point of sale.

Professional Staffing:
Staffing your sale with professional, courteous, qualified individuals. Our staff is uniformed for easy identification to help your buyers with their needs. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, can answer technical questions, and can test electronics and electrical items. They work with all buyers as they shop to encourage sales.

Visitors Management:
Employing a number or reservation system, when needed, to carefully limit the number of buyers in your home or business at any given time. This system allows us to protect and safeguard your valuables.

Silent Bids:
Using a silent bid system to encourage the sale of higher priced or slow moving items.

Advertisement & Promotion of Sale:
Exclusive advertising and promotion of the sale; including area newspapers, ads, website posting, posting with detailed photos of sale inventory, emails to subscribers, fliers, personal alerts, and outdoor signage.

Professional Interior Signage:

Directional, informational and safety signage.

Clean Out:
Pre-sale and post-sale clean out services.

Item Staging & Display:
Categorizing, staging, cleaning, appraising, pricing, and displaying items attractively to maximize sales.

Flexibility on Sales Duration:
Two to four day sales depending on the size of the estate or your very specific needs.